Thursday, August 8, 2019

How to Get Wavy Hair

Sexy, trendy, fashionable, modest, the list is endless. There is no doubt, a wavy hair style has picked up pace and has become one of the most admired hairstyles. The question is,‘How to get wavy hair’? From fashionable celebrities to campus girls, of late, the style has got hotter for the red carpet treatment. Thinking of having a wavy hair style? Here is how to get it.

Professional hair designers are always on the lookout to cater to demands for trendy hair styles. As a prerequisite for a wavy hairstyle, the hair must undergo a prescribed treatment and cleaning before the process starts. The required equipment includes a hair drier, straightening balm, hair spray, curling iron, salt water spray, shine serum and other minor chemicals that designers add to your list.
Sounds scaring? No, actually the process of how to get wavy hair,as many yearn, is relatively smooth and shouldnot scare you. Here is how to the process starts. Begin by ensuring that you have clean and dry hair,which will guarantee the best results. Remember, new chemicals do not necessarily counteract old chemicals.
Use a texture spray to soften the hair before massaging it. This enables proper hair lining after you combit. Separate the hair, and then tie themin order to start the curling process. Curling should be done for at least 5 minutes at three levels.Thisensures that after removal of the tied separated hair,they are wavy. The air designer starts his part by rolling the bobby pin onto each hair set,already separated. Care should be taken to ensure that all the hair is properly rolled and pinned.
After keeping the pined hair for 15 minutes, gently remove the bobby pin from the hair and dry them by using a hand drier. Now, set the hair with the hair spray. No matter what the size is hair must be in a curly twisted shape. Additional glittering chemicals may be added, if desired.
Regardless of hair size, whether long or short, a wavy hairstyle appears more attractive and complementary. It is now expected, you have gained full knowledge of how to get wavy hair. Without any doubt, this is a red carpet hairstyle most yearned for. So, try it today!

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